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We’ve created award-winning experiences and respected brands for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Big picture vision meets serious detail at every point of a project.

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Aldo Designs & Prints is a strategic communications agency located in the Heart of San Diego. We specialize in brand identity, strategic design & web development driven and all printing services. Since 2005, we have helped clients nationwide stand out in crowded markets, build brand awareness and increase sales.

Patrick R.

Stratford, CT

We use Aldo Designs & Prints for a few years now for our church. We call on his expertise when it comes to our flyer’s, banners, website, business cards, you name it. yelp-button-png


San Diego, CA

Aldo was very friendly and professional from start to finish. I wanted to make sure that everything was done properly, and probably e-mailed and called him 20+ times. yelp-button-png

Victor S.

Los Angeles, CA

Let me share how every thing went well!!! From the initial call, to the detailed design, to the on-time delivery. “Aldo designs” continuously for the last 7 years proven. yelp-button-png

Dennis M.

Brooklyn, NY

Aldo designs and prints is very friendly to work with does excellent work and fast turn around time!  I Highly recommended them! yelp-button-png

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